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PrepNow Tutor - Babatunde W.

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Babatunde's Bio

"It's very rewarding to learn each student's learning style and use that knowledge to help tailor lessons specific to their needs," says tutor Babatunde WJ. Babatunde earned his BS in earth and environmental engineering from Columbia University, receiving the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma for completing all of the requirements to obtain the diploma such as satisfactory test grades in six subjects. For four years, Babatunde worked as a solar design engineer, and now does consulting work for various clients across the country.

Babatunde began tutoring informally, helping his peers study for classes and exams. In 2018 Babatunde began tutoring for formal companies, covering ACT/SAT prep along with high school math from algebra to precalculus. His experience with academic situations ranges from helping students pass the ISEE to get into private schools to helping literary proficient students raise their math scores on the ACT.

Babatunde's teaching style is interactive, patient, and thorough. He begins a lesson with a small lecture to clearly show the steps while gradually having the student actively engage in the material as the lesson progresses. By the end of a lesson, Babatunde finds himself needing to explain the concepts less when the students grasp the concept, however, he is perceptive to the student's needs and continues to guide the student if they've not entirely grasped the concept yet. "Over time, I learned that not every student is as verbally oriented, so I broadened my approach to simply check for mastery if they are unable to explain how they got an answer," says Babatunde.

Outside work, Babatunde likes to remain up to date on current events, especially taking an interest in Iearning about sustainability in all of its facets from renewable energy to regenerative agriculture. He loves to travel, and as a lover of food, he hopes to try as many delicious foods from around the world as possible!