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Master Algebra II and
set the stage for
advanced math


 Personalized Learning

Our instructors tailor your child’s Algebra II
tutoring and move at exactly the right pace for
his or her evolving needs, incorporating the
actual texts and materials from your child’s
school classroom.

  Exceptional Instructors

Our Algebra II tutors provide highly personalized,
one-to-one instruction centered on your child’s
specific needs. The math tutors we hire are
passionate about what they do, and know how
to engage and connect with students.
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  In-Home Convenience

No need to drive your child anywhere. With our innovative Live Tutoring program, your child
works with his or her Algebra II tutor from
the convenience of your home computer. It's like
having a private tutor right at your kitchen table.

About PrepNow Algebra II Tutoring

Algebra II is the foundation for advanced high school math, and requires
a leap to more complex mathematical concepts, including logarithms,
exponential functions, and conic sections. Even students who have
never struggled with math may find it daunting.

But it’s essential that your child master Algebra II to succeed in math
going forward. And while we all know how hard math teachers work,
even they will admit that they don’t always have time to provide the
one-on-one tutoring many students need.

At PrepNow, we can help your child meet the challenges of Algebra II,
with highly qualified tutors who provide personalized, one-to-one online
tutoring in the convenience of your own home. They know that every child
learns at their own pace, and will tailor your child’s instruction accordingly.
We provide each tutor with a copy of the textbook from your child’s
Algebra II class, so what your child is learning in school is in synch with what
he or she is working on with your tutor.

The Algebra II tutors at PrepNow are rigorously screened and trained.
They have degrees from some of the nation’s most elite universities, and bring
extensive experience to each Algebra II tutoring session. Most important, they
know how to help students understand difficult mathematical concepts, and
love to see them make the breakthroughs that take their understanding to the
next level.

At PrepNow and our sister program StudyPoint we've helped tens of thousands
of students through the years, and have earned a reputation for excellence.
We’re passionate about what we do, and we look forward to helping your child

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Shelia L. $60 per hour

Tutor Sheila L. has over 20 years experience working in education working in K-12 and higher education, which includes teaching ACT/SAT prep seminars. Along with tutoring, Sheila remains involved in education as a coordinator in higher education accreditation.

Bachelor's in Physics, Norfolk State University
Master's in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute Of Technology

Traveling, Shopping, Music

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Todd H. $75 per hour

"My greatest joy... is seeing the spark of recognition when someone grasps a challenging concept that has been eluding them, or suddenly sees a concept from a whole new perspective," Todd says. A tutor of two years, Todd holds a BS in naval architecture from the United States Naval Academy, an MS in astronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, an MA in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College, and an MBA from Florida State University.

Bachelor's in Naval Architecture, U.S. Naval Academy
Master's in Aerospace Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School

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Tulio C. $60 per hour

When a high school student, tutor Tulio C. received a 170 on both the math and verbal sections of the GRE. Tulio received his BA in Mathematics from Grinnell College. Since graduating, Tulio has worked and volunteered as a math tutor and is currently looking to apply to graduate school to earn a Masters in Physics.

Bachelor's in Math, Grinnell College

Frisbee, Juggling, Comedy

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Victoria E. $75 per hour

"I always encourage hard work and make sure to compliment my students when they work hard," says tutor Victoria (Tory) E. "I believe that a good work ethic is more important than innate skill any day." Tory has 12 years' experience in K-12 tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Bachelor's in Environmental Studies, Brown University
Master's in Geography, University Of Wisconsin Madison