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A strong grade in
Calculus goes a long
way with admissions


 Personalized Learning

Your child’s Calculus tutor will tailor the
instruction to move at exactly the right pace for
his or her evolving needs, incorporating the actual
Calculus textbook and materials from your child’s
school classroom.

  Exceptional Instructors

Our Calculus tutors provide highly personalized,
one-to-one instruction centered on your child’s
specific needs. They are passionate about math,
and know how to engage and connect with
students. Meet them >

  In-Home Convenience

No need to drive your child anywhere. With our
innovative Live Tutoring program, your child
works with his or her Calculus tutor from the
convenience of your home computer. It's like
having a private tutor right at your kitchen table.

About PrepNow Calculus Tutoring

Calculus is the most challenging high school math course your child
will tackle, and one that plays a major role in college admissions.
AB and BC Calculus are also prerequisites for many college courses and
majors, including engineering, math, physics, computer science and

But the abstract concepts that Calculus introduces, including parametric
equations, integrals and derivatives, can be difficult for even the best
math students to grasp. Private Calculus tutoring can mean the difference
between a “passing” grade and one that makes your child stand out.

At PrepNow, we’ll match your child with a dedicated, private AB or
BC Calculus tutor who will ensure that your child has a firm grasp of the
material. Working regularly in our Live Tutoring platform, they will review
key concepts, work through homework assignments, and prepare for
important tests and quizzes. The goal is to achieve mastery of the subject
matter, and an outstanding grade in the class.

Our Calculus tutors are some of the best and brightest in the country, with
degrees from elite universities and extensive math teaching or tutoring
experience. They’re passionate about teaching, and know what it takes to
inspire young learners.

At PrepNow and our sister program StudyPoint we've helped tens of
thousands of students over the years, and have earned a reputation for
excellence. We love what we do, and we look forward to helping your child

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Owen A. $100 per hour

With over two decades of tutoring experience, tutor Owen A. has developed methods and techniques that simplify and clarify concepts for students. He has extensive experience helping students prepare for the SAT and ACT.

Bachelor's in Mathematical Science & Physics, University Of Montana
Master's in Applied Statistics (In Progress), Michigan Technical University

Golf And Baseball

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Robin D. $75 per hour

Math tutor Robin “Rob” D. has helped a diverse pool of students from 8th graders to graduate students achieve their academic goals. “It is quite enjoyable seeing someone have that " I got it" moment," he says.

Bachelor's in Chemistry, Hendrix College
Master's in Theoretical Population Genetics, Univ Of Georgia

Tennis, Martial Arts, Bowling

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Todd H. $75 per hour

"My greatest joy... is seeing the spark of recognition when someone grasps a challenging concept that has been eluding them, or suddenly sees a concept from a whole new perspective," Todd H. says. A conscientious, deliberative, and highly analytical tutor, Todd has a passion for learning new things and developing methods to improve processes or solve problems.

Bachelor's in Naval Architecture, U.S. Naval Academy
Master's in Aerospace Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School

Reading, Playing Games, Watching Movies

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Trevin W. $60 per hour

Approachable and assertive, Trevin W. is a dynamic and encouraging math tutor. As he puts it, “There can be a lot of life lessons gained from solving for x!”

Bachelor's in Economics, University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Biking, Crafts/decorating, Video Games, Learning!