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A healthcare professional who loves tutoring, Ibinabo received a BS in biochemistry from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, where he earned the President's Award all four years. Since graduating, he has worked as a radiology technician for a pain management private practice, assisting in minimally invasive pain management procedures, and has consistently ranked as a top technician with his company. He is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Omicron Delta Kappa academic society. Ibinabo has taught and tutored students from third grade to high school seniors, primarily on the SAT/ACT.

Ibinabo started tutoring during his freshman year in college. “I had a lot of friends who were still in high school reach out to me and ask for study tips on the SAT as I had scored highly,” he says. “I gave them pointers and held study sessions with them unofficially and they all had positive outcomes.” Ibinabo continued tutoring acquaintances through college and, in 2015, became a tutor for PrepNow's sister company, StudyPoint. His philosophy regarding education is that a student should come away from a lesson able to explain at least 80% of what was covered to someone else because “if you cannot teach it then you do not know it.”

“I would describe my teaching and tutoring style as student-focused,” Ibinabo says. “I adapt my presentation of the material to the learning style of each student as I have found this to be a successful way to get the student to engage and stay engaged during the course of the session. An engaged student learns quicker and can retain the information better, leading to higher scores on their tests. Prioritizing adaptability enables me to work with a diverse swath of students across age, academic level, and all other demographics.”

Ibinabo ran track in high school and played intramural soccer in college. He is an avid sports fan and his favorite teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Baltimore Ravens, Chelsea Football Club, and Michigan State NCAA teams. Ibinabo occasionally watches superhero movies and fantastical television shows. His fun fact is that he has a freckle in his left eye and a dimple on his right cheek.

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